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.gitconfig Notes

Full .gitconfig man page

  • Always ignore .DS_STORE files. www
    git config --global core.excludesfile ~/.gitignore
    echo .DS_Store >> ~/.gitignore
  • Change default editor to TextMate. www
    git config --global core.editor "mate --wait"
  • Color output at the command line. www
    git config --global color.ui true
  • Setup DeltaWalker as default diff/merge tool. Added to ~/.gitconfig manually:
    [difftool "dw"]
    	cmd = "/Applications/" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE"
    	prompt = false
    	tool = dw
    [mergetool "dw"]
    	cmd = "/Applications/" "$LOCAL" "$REMOTE" "$BASE" "$MERGED" 
    	tool = dw
  • Add Kaleidoscope as another diff tool (nice for diffs but doesn't do merge). Choose Kaleidoscope → Integration… and install command line tools. Then add this to ~/.gitconfig:
    [difftool "ks"]
    	cmd = ksdiff-wrapper git \"$LOCAL\" \"$REMOTE\"

    Then do $ git difftool -t ks <file>.

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