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Processing is a programming language built on java that allows you to rapidly “sketch” rich interactive visualizations. The real magic is that with the push of a button, these projects can then be instantly packaged up into portable applets for embedding on web pages, or as stand-alone cross-platform applications for Mac, Windows, and Linux.



  • Along-tract statistics: Interactive demonstration
    This sketch demonstrates the fundamentals of an along-tract analysis of DTI data. The main focus is a 3D rendering of a tract group that represents the left corticospinal tract in the brain. Such tract groups are made up of many individual streamlines, which, themselves, are made up of many individual vertices. In an along-tract analysis, we seek to line up these vertices across streamlines, such that they can be grouped together for statistical analysis. An example is shown in the bottom left, where the mean FA ± SD is plotted for different collections of vertices as you move along the length of the tract. The individual vertices that go into each collection can be highlighted by using the up/down arrows. Also, the color encoding of the streamlines can be toggled between a “correspondence mode”, where like colors represent vertices that belong to the same collection, and an “FA mode”, where color encodes the vertex-wise FA values.
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