Along-tract statistics for diffusion MRI tractography

Diffusion MRI tractography allows for the in vivo delineation of white matter tracts in the human brain in a manner that is individualized to the particular neuroanatomy of each person. Along-tract statistics is a set of tools for analyzing the scalar “quality” measures (FA, etc.) associated with these virtual dissections in a way that is parameterized along the curving axes of the tract spines, instead of the more typical method of averaging this variation into a single mean estimate for each tract.

This page is mainly here to collect video tutorials about these tools. The main source of documentation remains the Github Wiki.

Important links


Note: Most of these videos are in HD, so if you want to read all the small text you'll probably want to click on the “vimeo” buttons to open them at full resolution on the main Vimeo website.


Basic workflow

Interactive trk_flip

TrackVis visualization

Correspondence plots

Single subject

An along-tract visualization of FA variation within the brain of a single subject.

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