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At the UNIX command prompt, MATLAB can be run in a batch mode by piping in a script like matlab -nodisplay < myscript.m.

However, to run a set of parallel jobs, we need some way to pass in the current job index. MATLAB doesn't provide a way of doing this, itself, but we can get access to unix environment variables. The SGE cluster manager already stores the job array task ID as SGE_TASK_ID, so we are all set.

i = str2num(getenv('SGE_TASK_ID'));
sub_list = textread('subjects.txt', '%s');
matlab -nodisplay < testscript.m
matlab -nodisplay < testscript.m
matlab -nodisplay < testscript.m
matlab -nodisplay < testscript.m

Submit the job array with fsl_sub or a similar qsub wrapper: fsl_sub -t jobarray.txt

Check the output logs to make sure everything is working:

$ cat jobarray.txt.o1100366.2

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ans = 


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